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Last year, we produced and published more than 500 videos, and I still get nervous about being on video... so I can imagine how terrifying it may be for others.

Five Reasons Not to Fear Video:

  1. Pre-production planning and scripting - we work together in advance to iron out the message.

  2. Fun on-location, on-set and on-camera - we bring great energy so the shoot is fun... and it's not live, so double takes are fine.

  3. Have purpose - understanding your objective fuels your passion and story.

  4. Be authentic - it's not about perfection. As the legendary Jim Cathcart says: "It's not about you, it's not about your target market, it's not even about your content; it's about what your content can do for your market."

  5. Work with professionals - it's important to understand that when you work with V4BG, we're going to make you look good.

Video can be intimidating… but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

At Video for Business Growth, we understand how to make it a fun and enjoyable experience… and how to make you look good.

Contact us online at We provide full service production, placement and promotion.

Various Types of Video You Can Use for Business Growth
Types of Video for Business Growth

Video Types

Are you wondering which types of video would be good to grow your business?

The type of video you should promote should be aligned to your business objectives. For instance, are you trying to drive brand awareness, convert new prospects to buy, help current customers get more value from their investment, or perhaps you just want to build brand loyalty.

Let’s look at few examples:

Explainer videos - these are great at doing just that - explaining. The trick is to do it simply, and in a compelling manner that adds story or somehow touches the art. Remember Einstein’s wise words: “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Product feature videos - these do not require high production costs, as it really is about the product… but just like in sales, people doing buy features, PEOPLE BUY BENEFITS… so be sure you’re product feature videos feature the benefits, too.

How To Videos - this is a classic approach. Look, people love video - but they don’t love commercials. So instead of creating endless commercials, create high value content that educates, informs and empowers your target market. Answer their common questions with video and you’ll end up on the end of their search results, provide them great value… and guess who they’ll think of when they decide they need your product or service?

Customer Testimonials - Why every website or email campaign does not contain a link to customer testimonials is beyond my understanding. People love stories and your raving fan customers would love to know that you care enough about them to include them in your video promotions. Hello! This is virtually free advertising that sells the sizzle!

There are endless types of videos that you can use for business growth! The infographic is courtesy of VidYard, and they’ve literally studied hundreds of thousands of videos.

Video for Business Growth is headquartered in Orange County, California. We work with all types of companies to produce low-cost, high-value video content that drives business growth… full-service video production, placement and promotion.

Contact Video for Business Growth at 888.402.1117,, online at and @Video4BG.

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Your sales resources are precious and sales productivity can be dramatically impacted by avoiding redundancy, confusion and inconsistencies in your sales process.

Redundancy. Do your sellers often have to cover the same ground repeatedly with prospects. It may only seem like a few minutes, but if your sales team has to cover the same material over and over again with prospects, that is a lot of wasted energy. Video can solve that by providing a repeatable refrain that liberates your sellers to focus on more important activities.

For example, let's say that one particular part of your customer onboarding process or product features require explaining over and over again. Rather than torture your sellers to become robotic in their presentation, simply create a video for that element and allow them to share it appropriately. You'll find that your customers appreciate it as much as your sellers.

Confusion. Are there aspects of your business where you find your own team members are regularly confused? Many organizations experience this challenge and confusion can affect the simplest of concepts. Perhaps variants of the truth arose at some point in the past and you cannot seem to shake the myths. Video can be used to solve the confusion.

Rely on video to state the matter clearly, concisely and without confusion. Why exasperate the problem by allowing confusion to remain. Clear the air and keep the air clear.

Inconsistencies. If we ask ten of your employee the same question, will we get eleven different responses? Those inconsistencies may cost you money, delay your selling process and generate frustration with your prospects and your own employees.

Be consistent in your message by creating a video that cements the right way... whether it be explaining a new process or covering the fundamentals. Consistency is important and inconsistencies cost you time, money and valuable clarity.

It's been nearly six years since the book Video Marketing for Dummies was published, and it was one of the first to proclaim that redundancy, confusion and inconsistencies are prime candidates for video projects.

Let video empower your sales teams for greater productivity... by giving them reliable video links to share with customers on the journey. Your sellers prefer to be more productive with their time and video can remove redundancies, confusion and inconsistencies... and results will follow.

Stop Serving the Wrong Customers - Why Video?
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Do you ever notice that some of your customers just don't seem to be the right fit for your business? Personal bias aside, many of your customers may be outliers of your preferred target market..... and you probably already know this.

The "wrong" customers tend to be more problematic that your other customers - the ones that seem to be a perfect fit.

The wrong customers, if you'll allow me to use that term, just don't as aligned to your brand's strengths and therefor, for whatever reasons, they make it more difficult for you to serve them successfully.

Whether you buy-in to the proposition that a customer may be wrong or not, maybe you'll agree with me that you would be better off if more of your customers were like so-and-so. You know, your favorite customer! Wouldn't you like to attract more of this customer-type than the wrong customer type?

Video attracts the right type of prospects and customers. Why? Because it's authentic.

Video allows you to share your story in your way and allows your audience to connect with you and your message. Your desired prospects and customers will embrace your business and offerings but they'll connect with you and your brand. And, the customers that are wrong for your business will likely never connect with your video message anyway.

Voila! Problem solved. Imagine how great your like will be if you had customers that were the right fit for your business, not the plethora of outliers you may be herding today.

Video can help you attract the right clientele, because video is authentic.

Got Video for Business Growth?