The Three P's of Video Success

Video success is about producing compelling content, properly placing it so that seekers find you... and if you really want a push, promoting the video with precision marketing for maximum impact.

Three P's of Video Success: Production, Placement and Promotion.



As the legendary Ron Howard says: "It doesn't matter how big your crew is, or how much money you have to spend; it's what you're capturing inside the frame lines" that matters.

Successful video production is about planning and execution... it’s also about having fun and delivering damn good work.

We deliver video that is well-lit, killer-audio, authentic and filled with passion, purpose and story… and probably a good deal of humor along the way, too.

Most importantly, we'll deliver something you'll be proud of, something that gives you the chills, something that makes you say: "WOW!"


Effective video placement ensures that seekers find you... but it's much more that just throwing your video on YouTube.

Ensuring proper placement puts you in the sights of people searching for you… which comes down to titles, keywords, tags, descriptions, transcriptions and other best practice tactics that propel you to the top.

Content may be king, but being where your prospects and customers are makes sure that your content is found when they go looking for it.

Proper video placement requires diligence and intention.

Your next prospect is searching for solutions right now... and they want video.


Hold on to your hat because this is the sexy part!

Video for Business Growth provides precision marketing for maximum impact.

It's one thing to properly place your video so that seekers find you... but it's a whole 'nother world, when you proactively go out and promote your video with precision. Video for Business Growth will align to your goals and objectives.

Video promotion is a multi-faceted outreach that drives consumption, triggers sharing and maximizes the value of your video content. And we do it with precision!

When you promote your video with precision, it's viewed by your target audience. Sure, it's more work, but this really is the best part.