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Last year, we produced and published more than 500 videos, and I still get nervous about being on video... so I can imagine how terrifying it may be for others.

Five Reasons Not to Fear Video:

  1. Pre-production planning and scripting - we work together in advance to iron out the message.

  2. Fun on-location, on-set and on-camera - we bring great energy so the shoot is fun... and it's not live, so double takes are fine.

  3. Have purpose - understanding your objective fuels your passion and story.

  4. Be authentic - it's not about perfection. As the legendary Jim Cathcart says: "It's not about you, it's not about your target market, it's not even about your content; it's about what your content can do for your market."

  5. Work with professionals - it's important to understand that when you work with V4BG, we're going to make you look good.

Video can be intimidating… but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

At Video for Business Growth, we understand how to make it a fun and enjoyable experience… and how to make you look good.

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