Friends and Colleagues,

If you're in So Cal, check out Video for Business Growth Orange County and Video for Business Growth Los Angeles Meetups.

The Orange County group, despite little-to-no promotion, has grown to 125 members in three months... both groups are designed as peer learning forums - to attract passionate professionals across the full spectrum of video production, placement and promotion.

Local business leaders are also welcome to attend.

The FEB meetings included green screen shooting and other experiential elements in a presentation called: Live from Paris, or Wherever You Wish with Green Screen."

The MARCH meeting, OC on MON 3.19 and LA on WED 3.21, will feature "SHOW ME VIDEO SUCCESS," an insightful look at how three distinct companies embrace video marketing for business success.

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Meetings take place in a professional environment with parking validation and free bottled water.

You can see photos and discover more about the group's members online:

We hope you can join the group locally, as there are no current plans for event broadcast.

Check out Video for Business Growth Orange County and Los Angeles Meetups at

These forums are hosted by Kevin Graham, President of Video for Business Growth and offer collaboration for related professionals to take their work to the next level.

Kevin also discovers great talent at these events... to work on client projects.

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