Why Video?


Video is a powerful medium. Authentic, engagement metrics are off-the-charts and people want video.

Modern social and mobile platforms create an insatiable appetite for video content and you can use video for just about anything you can imagine.

Video allows you to share your story in your way, and video allows YOUR AUDIENCE to truly understand you and your message.


What are Engagement Metrics?

Engagement metrics is a term that covers a wide range of measurements typically associated with digital interactions.

The measurements can range from simple counts such as video views, or drop-off points (average duration of view) to more complex analysis of digital engagement that supports micro segmentation of customer data.

The good news, is that Video for Business Growth makes it simple. We work together to set measurable goals based on your marketing strategy and campaign expectations. 



How can I use video?

You can use video the same way you would any other sales collateral or content, such as a brochure… by placing it in front of your prospects and customers.

The good news is that placing and promoting your video content is easy with Video for Business Growth.

Whether you just want it out there so seekers can find you, or you want precision marketing for maximum impact, Video for Business Growth offers great potential.



What are the options?

The options are endless. Video can be used to introduce new concepts, people or ideas… explain, debate or influence… 

Anything is possible with video, from professional interviews, product reviews, explainer videos, event promotion, customer testimonials and success stories.



What is high quality video?

High-quality video doesn't always mean symphonic sound and high fidelity images.

At Video for Business Growth, high-quality means well-lit, killer-audio, authentic, high-value content delivered with passion, purpose and story.

It could be filmed on a street corner but if the content is high-value and the delivery compelling, if it delivers story, if it triggers action, has a great energy… that is high-quality video.



What if I'm new to video?

If you're new to video, it's natural to feel uncomfortable… as there are many variables. It's helpful to understand that our team of professionals will make sure that you look good.

Professional video interviews with Video for Business Growth are designed for the guest to be the hero. We want the process to be smooth and joyous, though we will challenge you to deliver compelling content.

We're expert in scripting... so the essence of your message will come across no matter how many takes are required.