Five Awesome Video Books

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Modern social and mobile dynamics create an insatiable appetite for video… and just about anyone can use video for business growth.

Whether you're new to video or have deep experience, here’s a list of books that can empower your video success.

1. How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck by Steve Stockman
Updated in 2017 and originally published in 2011, this classic offers practical advice that supports the title’ promise: How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck. Think like a Director, prepare like a professional, setting the stage and shooting special projects… these chapters each empower insight and good approaches to video success. Steve is straight-up in his perspective that “Video is a second language and most of us are illiterate. Virtually everyone understands video, but very few speak video. Author Steve Stockman provides empowering insight.

2. In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch
Originally published in 1995, this classic offers a philosophical look at post-production and the magic of video editing. Updated in 2001 specifically for digital editing, Author Walter Murch's deep experience on tier one projects ensures the book's credibility. The Author explains why cuts work as that’s how humans visualize their worlds. We cut! Ie, Look at the door in the room and then look at another object… you see virtually nothing in-between because “In the Blink of An Eye” is how you edited your own reality, You likely blinked between the two objects. In effect, cutting on your own.

3. Cinematic Storytelling by Jennifer Van Sijll
Published all the back in 2005, this gem of a coffee table book shares the 100 most powerful film conventions every filmmaker must know. From framing and composition to virtually every other aspect of filmmaking (camera lens, camera positions, music, sound effects, camera motion, lighting, color, props, wardrobe, locations and more). Easy to read, well-illustrated with two pages devoted to each convention revealed, this book will empower better filmmaking but also will give you great appreciation of many movies you’ve already seen… as guess what? That’s exactly where she’s gets her material. Regardless of your profession; if you enjoy movies, you will appreciate this cherished work.

4. Making a Good Script Great by Linda Seger
Ernest Hemingway once remarked that “the first draft of anything is (crap).” That’s one of the reasons this book is so compelling… because it focuses on the working and reworking of an idea. The book journeys through the entire process from initial concept through final rewrite… while providing insight toward making your material stronger, tighter and commercially viable.

5. Ty Ford Audio & Video Book by Ty Ford
As a developing video professional, I’m fully convinced that the audio is what makes the video. Sure, good lighting, dialogue and story are important; but nothing compares to killer-audio. And if your audio stinks in your video, no one will enjoy it. Get audio done right by referencing this great piece, which serves as a field guide. Practical and fairly exhaustive, this little gem will ensure you come away with the (audio) goods.

Pick up one of these today and be better for it tomorrow.

This article was written by Kevin Graham.

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